See below some wall paintings I worked on for several clients. I work with many different techniques and the artwork is individually designed for the clients purpose. The projects shown here range from smaller walls for private clients to big walls for coporate use. If you are interested in anything like this please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to propose to you a personalized sketch and give you an estimate for your project.

2012 Primary Dansers

After designing their logo and their previous painting, Dans Design asked me to do a huge wall in their new Dans School. They asked me to do something with the worlds best dansers and singers. I came up with the idea to paint 3 huge faces (Beyonce, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez) in the primary colors, because dancing is all about expressing yourself and these colors are the base of expression. The wall became a great success and all the students love dancing there. Across the wall are mirrors placed so you see them on the background while you practicing your moves. Express yourself!
Technique: Acrylic paint and spray paint

2012 Hilfiger Denim

For the Line Opening of their Sp13 collection, Tommy Hilfiger asked me to do some freehand drawing. They had set up a wall which showed 8┬ástages of denim process while creating their jeans. So it started on the left with a raw piece of denim fabric with trims and patterns drawn onto it. It ended on the right with a pair of jeans after it had been stitched, lazered, brushed & sprayed, 3D whiskered, tagged & knotted, washed, neutralized and ozoned. Because most people don’t really know what this means, I tried to make each step clear by visualizing it. Every drawing and font was made up on the location. So no sketching, just hardcore black ink straight on the white wall. This made yhe drawings look a bit quirky, but I think this added to the whole fun approach of looking at the ‘Journey of our Jeans’, as we ended up calling it!
Technique: Paint marker (freestyle!)

2012 Selamat Datang

My mother asked me to finally paint her living room for once, off course I had to. She wanted a very eastern mural, because of her roots and to match the interior style of the house. I choose to paint a merak or geruda, a typical indonesian peacock. In there are a lot of details which are hard to see on this small pic. Her zodiac sign is hanging of the geruda’s neck, and in its mouth is the ‘Y’, her initial. The 2 butterflies represent her 2 sons, S and M if you look closely. There is also a budha hidden between the feathers and a woman wearing a sarong. At the tail it says ‘Selamat Datang’ which means welcome. In the background you see 3 times the seed of life.
Technique: Acrylic paint

2012 Fab Life

Bedroom I painted for a good friend of mine. The painting contains personal subjects and experiences of his life. For instance his Egyptian roots, Nijmegen, his girlfriend, basketball, his favorite streets in the world, NY and his mother. This was a new technique I tried and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Happy birthday Fabio!
Technique: Latex-paint and acrylic paint

2012 Plus Team

Plus Team asked me to life up their cantine in their office. Plus Team is an organization that helps people to get back in to society by providing them positive work in the neighbourhood, like gardening, cleaning and construction -activities. This is great for people who live in that neighboorhood and great for ‘the workers’. Because Plus Team is growing, they rebuild their office and with that came a wall which would make Plus Teamers proud!
Technique: Spray paint

2011 Mongol Rally

These guys were participating on the Mongol Rally 2011. A race where you’re already a winner when your car is able to make it to the finish, because they start in Amsterdam and finish in Mongolia!!! Besides that they are on the road for weeks, their are plenty of obstacles to concur like Russian border, desert, hills, huge holes in the road, cows on the road and more. To get people on their side they asked me to make their car a real eye-catcher. I came up with idea to give the car a huge grill, because they have to ‘eat’ so many kilometers. The whole back of the car is a giant map with city marks they should pass on their way. Next to the gas tank is a text balloon that says Gasoline in every language of countries they are passing. On their way the team had a huge accident, their car flipped 2 times and landed on its roof! Luckely everybody was OK, found someone who fixed their car and just barely made it to the finish. Besides having the adventure of a life time they also won the price for ‘best pimped car’!

2011 Jort

Bedroom a painted for a boy who playes basketball and is a huge basketball fan off course. His interior would be filled with a lot of red and black colors so I made sure the piece would match his new room.
Technique: Spray-paint and paint-marker.

2010 AMVJ 30 Jaar

AMVJ is a baseball club in Amsterdam. Because they existed 30 years (dertig jaar) they asked me to do a live painting during their 30th anniversary. Because the club is located on the edge of Amsterdam you can see the famous Rembrandt tower of Amsterdam and the windmill close to the baseball club.
Technique: Spraypaint

2010 What You Know ‘Bout This

My man Jeffrey Lawrence moved on his own and asked me to do a piece for him. He asked me to do something with LeBron James and Mike Tyson. Besides that I added his favorite booze, rapper and girl in there. Because Jeff is real ghetto, I decided to keep the style of the piece real rough and ghetto as well. What you know ’bout this?!
Technique: Latex-paint, spray-paint and paint-marker