Pass & Play

Logo Pass & Play:
The company Pass & Play, specialized in pedagogical basketball clinics, asked me to restyle their Pass logo. The assignment was to keep recognizable features of the old logo, but to make it stronger. I started experimenting with strong shapes and clean typography to replace the colors and gradients. I wanted something strong that would also attract kids. For this reason and because sports is such a powerful tool in education I added the lightning flash to the logo.

Logo Skills Amsterdam:
In addition Pass & Play asked me to design a logo for Skills. Skills offers sports and behavior clinics to kids with a learning disability. The Skills logo had to be all about confidence. A brave and proud mascot with a general sports ball did the trick. The lightning flash on his cap shows Skills is part of Pass & Play. I really like the outcome of these two designs. Especially because I think these are both logos kids like and would proudly wear on a T-shirt.


The websites needed to be two different sites that would fit togther style and layoutwise. I thought it would be cool to design a website where photography is the base and the text is complimentary, instead of the other way around. This way there is more atmosphere. is black-white with blue. is in color, but the colors are toned down to be more pleasant on the eyes.