Jalise Romy - Singer Songwriter Jalise Romy

Shon is super professioneel en legt je duidelijk uit bij elke logoschets wat de gedachtegang achter zijn ontwerpen zijn. Ik ben zeer tevreden met het resultaat en kan me volledig identificeren met het logo. Het past bij mij en het is custommade. 
Bij Shon krijg je kwaliteit!

Jalise Romy - Singer Songwriter

Rutger Slomp - Founder and chef of Stewart & Sally

In het voorjaar van 2015 heb ik Shon gevraagd om mijn food to-go concept, Stewart & Sally een gezicht te geven. Ik was hier toen een jaar mee bezig en wilde graag een meer herkenbare huisstijl. Dit moest in diverse uitingen weergegeven worden. Denk aan logo, schilderingen op de zeecontainer, website, menukaarten business kaartjes en zo nog wat meer.
Shon heeft het logo aan de hand van een stappenplan in fasen aan mij voorgelegd. Dit was het uitganspunt van hoe ook de verdere communicatiemiddelen vorm gegeven zouden worden. Deze manier van werken heb ik als erg prettig ervaren. Shon neemt je mee in zijn denkwijze. Hiermee geeft hij je ook ruimte om je eigen in input in te verwerken. Inmiddels is het conceptuele van Stewart & Sally gaan leven. Het basis idee waar we toen mee zijn begonnen blijkt heel goed te werken. Het is heel speels en goed door te voeren in nieuwe ideeën en communicatie uitingen. Shon had dit voorspelt! Hij heeft mij hiermee overtuigd dat hij de juiste man is waar je op een zeer constructieve manier mee kan samenwerken. Daarbij is het een topvent met passie voor z’n werk en dat zie je terug!
Rutger Slomp - Founder and chef of Stewart & Sally

Bas Elhorst - Mountainbike Gids

It's a pleasure to work together with Shon, he's been open to our silly suggestions and changes and helped us to get the right logo. Shon is a very easy going but highly professional craftsmen.
Bas Elhorst - Mountainbike Guide and founder MTB Tours & Trails

Darla van Hoorn - PR & Communications Consultant Kult&Ace

"Shon makes things happen – and does that with a very positive upbeat attitude. We commissioned him to come up with a creative idea for an event of one of our clients, Hennessy. He really understood the brand and translated its values to a really neat design concept, which happened to be the one of the most memorable parts of the evening. He has the skill and experience to execute it with a true craftsman’s attention to detail."
Darla van Hoorn - PR & Communications Consultant at Kult&Ace

Steffen Morrison - Singer and Songwriter at Tall Tree Records

"How do you translate a vision from concept to finished product? Shon's approach to fully understand his customers needs and goals is one which is highly effective and result driven. It's often challenging to find the perfect match/designer to execute a concept in perfect harmony, but Shon has a very easy going way of drawing the perfect long lasting picture and exceeding the expectation."
Steffen Morrison - Singer and songwriter at Tall Tree Records

Michiel van Elk - Product Manager Warner Bros.

"I've worked with Shon at Warner Bros Benelux for the biggest HE release of the year in 2013, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Shon was hired by us as a freelancer to make a gigantic painting, that would illustrate the feeling of the movie and would be an eye-catcher at retailers and several events in order to promote the release of The Hobbit. The result was amazing and was a huge Trade marketing and publicity success! The painting went viral, because of the many consumers who would make pictures of themselves in front of the painting. And the press published photographs of the painting. 
I see Shon as a creative artist. He is dedicated to what he does and always looking for ways to improve and surprise himself and others. He knows how to think in concepts and from there create real cool stuff."
Michiel van Elk - Product Manager Warner Bros. Pictures Benelux

Miles Johnson - Creative Director at Levis XX

"Shon is simply excellent. It's a good thing in this industry to know someone with the skills of Shon. He's very calm and dependable, understands sometimes quite complicated and technical briefs and is always good to have around in work environment. If it were possible to genetically clone him I would."
Miles Johnson - Creative Director at Levis XX

Annemeijn Verheij - Projectleider Communicatie

"Working with Shon has been a true treat! His vision, thorough work and creative endeavours have enabled our project to come into life beautifully. I can recommend working with Shon to anyone."
Annemeijn Verheij - Projectleider Communicatie at Geef om de Jan Eef

Wouter van der Haar - Owner at Ermelosche Frietzaak

Shon heeft strak werk afgeleverd voor de krijtbord schildering in onze nieuwe frietzaak, precies zoals we het verwacht hadden. Alles netjes volgens afspraak, top!
Wouter van der Haar - Eigenaar van De Ermelosche Frietzaak

Sander Mutsaards - Owner at Beemflights

"Shon is a very professional graphic designer. He designed our new BeemFlights.nl logo with a lot off creativity. We are very happy with the result and they way he works. He listened very good to what we would like to see and used our business and personal background for more inspiration. Great work!"
Sander Mutsaards - Owner at Beemflights

Jesper Jobse - Owner, Pass & Play and Skills Amsterdam

"Shon designed two new logo's for my company's Pass & Play and Skills. Both are really unique and handmade. Shon absolutely thought about what the company's stand for. With that in mind he designed logo's which definitely tell you something about the company and which people will recognize."
Jesper Jobse - Owner, Pass & Play and Skills Amsterdam

Nick Jones - Art Director at Levi's XX

"Shon is a gifted and versatile graphic designer. He always responds to briefing with more than is expected and does it quickly and with great initiative. I'd recommend Shon to anyone."
Nick Jones - Art Director at Levi's XX

Humphrey Themen - Music Producer

"Shon Price is a very talented, focused and creative Graphic Designer. When i needed a new logo i approached him with my many idea’s. I love his work flow. We first had a brainstorm session about what my vision was for the logo. With all my inspirations he was able to narrow it down to the logo i have today. What i love about my logo is that everyone sees multiple things in it. Like glasses, a bicycle, turntables, a face and more! What do you see? Shon is fun to work with, flexible and above all professional. I would and I do recommend him to everyone looking for quality Graphic Design."
Humphrey Themen - Music Producer

Kees Scholten - Brand Director at Fuga BV

"Shon is great at designing artworks that are original and have a handmade look and feel to them. It’s sometimes hard to see which techniques he used to create them; some look hand painted, some look pencil drawn and some you just don’t know. I can recommend Shon to anyone who’s looking for authentic traditional designs."
Kees Scholten - Brand Director at Fuga BV

Roland van der Willigen - Vader

"Shon did a great job by visualizing the two hobby's of my son. He love's Basketball and Taekwondo. Now he has a amazing drawing on his wall that reminds him every day where he is training for. "
Roland van der Willigen - Vader


Dominic Teodorescu - PhD Candidate

I have had the privilege to share my former apartment in Amsterdam with Shon. During the couple of year that we lived together I've seen how this artist was improving daily. From the very beginning it was clear that Shon was creating pieces of art which were often against grain, refreshing, and evidently striking. Also, it was fascinating to see how diverse his techniques are and how quick he can produce proper stuff! The best way (and I'm still very grateful for this) he once helped me out was by re-doing the paintwork of my car with which I've participated on the Mongol Rally. This rally is a 14,000 kilometers run across the mountains, deserts, and steppe from London all the way to Mongolia, using a tiny car which is mainly intended for grocery shoppings in boring suburbs. Nevertheless, we wanted to have a cool and catchy paintwork for the car and believe me, due to Shon's great effort, we have been photographed and filmed by thousands of people along the way. Moreover, we've been stopped by dozens of Russian and Kazakhi policemen who were merely excited to have a look at our ridiculously fascinating Peugeot 106! Hence, Shon's work of art is also well known in the Asian steppes and deserts! I can recommend this brilliant, flexible, and smart guy to everyone!
Dominic - PhD Candidate (Urban Geography) at the Uppsala University (Sweden)