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Sign Painting

The traditional craft of hand painted signs! If quick and easy is just not good enough for your company. I design and paint with love and passion your logo, slogan, offer, anything you like on storefronts, windows, sign-boards, chalk board, leather, stone, and more. Letters, illustrations or those two in combined. Do you have already your own design? No problem, anything is possible.


Sign painting can be executed in different techniques:
- Permanent, inside or outside
- Temporary, for example as a SALE sign on your window (window splash)
- Glossy or matt
- Surface gilding with gold leaf with for example 13 or 24 carat
- Reverse gilding on glass with gold leaf in glossy (creates a mirror effect), in matt, or the two styles combined.


Advantages hand painted lettering:
- Attracts customers
- Stands out of competitors
- Original and unique
- Creates a personality with soul
- High quality
- Last for decades


Watch the video below or view pictures and video’s of sign painting in my portfolio.





Live Screen Printing

Creates affinity between your target audience and your company. People love seeing the craft of screen printing in a relaxing environment. They see how a tote-bag/T-shirt/poster is printed in front of their eyes while enjoying a drink and live music. Live screen printing makes your target audience really want your product, because they’ve seen how it was made. This creates a positive association with your company.


Live screen printing can be done on different materials:
- Textile: bags, T-shirts, pillowcases, etc.
- Paper: posters, cards, etc


Advantages of live screen printing:
- Entertainment on your event, creates interaction with your target audience
- Original, makes your event special and impressive
- Creates a product; for sale or give-away
- Gives you a product that your target audience really wants
- Great content for photo’s, video’s and other promotional purposes


Watch the video below or view pictures and video’s of live screen printing in my portfolio.





Wall Painting

De biggest way to make an impact! Leave an astonishing impression on your clients. I work with different materials like acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint, or combinations of these. I translate every idea or brainstorm-session in to a unique design which can be executed on any surface. Photorealistic, illustrative, typographic, choose which style fits your company best!


Wall paintings can be executed in different techniques:
- Glossy or matt
- On different surfaces like; bricks, concrete, wood,  wallpaper, gypsum board, etc.
- Different kinds of paint, latex-, acrylic-, oil- and spray paint


Advantages wall painting:
- very effective marketing tool
- Biggest way to stand out
- Positive perception, decoration and communication
- Gives your company more quality and character
- Great social media content
- Anti graffiti solution
- Unique personality suitable with your interior design
- Everything can be customized; size, colors, image, text


Watch the video below or view pictures and video’s of wall paintings in my portfolio.






Gideon van Dijk

Gideon van Dijk


10/10. With no clear brief, we asked Shon to do a mural for our new office in Amsterdam. We had an event coming up and little time to prep the space. Shon delivered both on the design and the execution in record time. He was able to translate our brand into an incredible piece that perfectly captures who we are and what we do. He is professional, neat, a great designer and a pleasure to work with.

Darla van Hoorn

Darla van Hoorn


"Shon makes things happen – and does that with a very positive upbeat attitude. We commissioned him to come up with a creative idea for an event of one of our clients, Hennessy. He really understood the brand and translated its values to a really neat design concept, which happened to be the one of the most memorable parts of the evening. He has the skill and experience to execute it with a true craftsman’s attention to detail."

Miles Johnson

Miles Johnson


"Shon is simply excellent. It's a good thing in this industry to know someone with the skills of Shon. He's very calm and dependable, understands sometimes quite complicated and technical briefs and is always good to have around in work environment. If it were possible to genetically clone him I would."

Naphassa Parinussa

Naphassa Parinussa


"Shon Price. Talented and motivated to the bone. He created the artwork for our restaurant, which has become incredibly beautiful. His way of painting, the use of shade and the mix of colors: I think it's fantastic. He does not need many words to understand what you want. He is pretty clear in communication and is able to manage expectations. He likes to think along with you but also has a clear opinion. Our deep, underlying thought and message that we have for the world is certainly incorporated in this artwork and we can not wait to show this in our plant-based restaurant. Thanks Shon, for the great cooperation. :-) "

Steffen Morrison

Steffen Morrison


"How to you translate a vision from concept to finished product? Shon's approach to fully understand his customers needs and goals is one which is highly effective and result driven. It's often challenging to find the perfect match/designer to execute a concept in perfect harmony, but Shon has a very easy going way of drawing the perfect long lasting picture and exceeding the expectation."

Alberto Zanini

Alberto Zanini


"I had the pleasure to work with Shon on different projects for Patagonia. He's a very talented professional, really easy to work with. I'm stoked every day walking in Patagonia HQ and seeing his art on our walls. I'm really looking forward to work with him on other projects."

Quentin Bruyns

Quentin Bruyns


"Based on a previous project, we had the opportunity to work with Shon on our Tiny House development in Belgium. Shon is a real expert in the live painting experience. We send him a logo and the reproduction was perfect. Hand artist with a real experience in the branding and the visual effect."

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