Strikstof is a bowtie brand founded by two friends and me. We focus on bowties for every day wear. Finding a bowtie when you're going to a classy party is easy, but getting a bowtie for daily use is difficult. That's why we made the Strikstof-bowties from rough materials, so they are easy to match with denim and cusual shirts. We think you can and may look good every day, Strikstof will help you do this. Make It Count!

The logo consists of a bowtie kinda shape, but it's also the letter 'S' (in it's negative space). Besides that you can see two arrows going in opposite directions. This visualises the last action you take when tying a bowtie, pulling the ends opposite of each other (like tying a shoelace).

We also think it's important to store your Strikstof-bowtie safely. That's why we got inspired to design a sustainable packaging. Something you don't throw away, but adds to your wardrobe. The Strikstof-box is made of gold colored tin and has a two color screenprint on the lit. On the inside bottom is the logo embossed. Designing not only the logo, graphics and packaging, but also the bowties themselfs was great and resulted in a brand and product I'm very proud of.

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