In 2013 THEprinceOFbeatz and Shon Price started a project together named '13/25'. It's a collaboration between 2 creative people. The goal was to creatively develop eachother. Both in their own field; music and art. Every month they released 2 new collaborations, a remix on the 13th and a instrumental on the 25th. The project ment that THEprinceOFbeatz produced a remix or instrumental, Shon Price would take this production as inspiration to create an image that would be the cover of the track. Both pushed bounderies, experimented and worked outside their comfortzone to become a better proffesional. This also shows how diverse they both are and can help different type of clients this way. Shon Price shows for example how he can empathize in totally different vibes of music and create suitable material with different kinds of techniques.

"This is what my clients want, everybody has a different taste and wants a different expression. The only similarity is that they want a great quality and strong design, that is the challenge 13/25 gives me and makes me even better in."