We Are Padel

We Are Padel opened the first padel club in the city Derby England.

The challenge was to design a mural that is exciting and dynamic, but at the same time won’t disturb the playing experience on the court. To achieve this I used the colorpallette of WAP in combination with large geometric shapes. These colors are subtle to the eyes and are in high contrast with the yellow padel ball so the playing experience is optimal.

The design shows man and woman from different angles in different playing positions. Each figure is made out of geometric shapes to keep it again subtle to the eyes for optimal playing experience. Another benefit of this style is that it triggers the viewers imagination. It alows the viewer to look longer at the mural and finish the details of the drawing in their mind. It also has the advantage that each figure has no race or age, making the mural all inclusive.

Besides decorative and inspirational, I think its important that the mural is educative as well. That’s why I included some of padels most famous stroke names: Bandeja, Gancho, Bajada, Vibora and Chiquita. This will trigger players to ask what they mean and maybe consider taking padel lessons to learn these strokes. It also gives more advanced players the opportunity to explain the meaning to their friends and show off their expertise.

The whole design is interlocked with a grid made out of white lines. These lines are inspired by padel court lines and the shape of a padel cage. This gives the mural an even more sporty padel vibe and creates balance with the white WAP logo.

Special thanks to Rosco Muller for being a big support of my work and ask me to paint a mural in the world of padel again!