Warner Bros

For the release of Warner Bros biggest movie of 2013: The Hobbit, I was asked to make a mobile wall painting. This painting would be used as a marketingtool for WB en should project the feeling of the movie and be an eyecatcher at their promotional events. In the end the painting is also being used as a photobackground at the Fantasy Fair so fans of The Hobbit could be photographed in front.


"I've worked with Shon at Warner Bros Benelux for the biggest HE release of the year in 2013, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Shon was hired by us as a freelancer to make a gigantic painting, that would illustrate the feeling of the movie and would be an eye-catcher at retailers and several events in order to promote the release of The Hobbit. The result was amazing and was a huge Trade marketing and publicity success! The painting went viral, because of the many consumers who would make pictures of themselves in front of the painting. And the press published photographs of the painting."
Michiel van Elk - Product Manager Warner Bros. Pictures Benelux