Meervaart Theatre

36 characters, 5 colors, 5 murals, 28m. long, 2,25m. high, 1 week designing, 2 weeks painting and lots of smiles!

This mural is located at theatre Meervaart in Amsterdam Osdorp. The wall runs from the backstage area to the stage. It shows some of Meervaart’s biggest starring artist + youth from their developing program.
The entire painting is made out of shapes in just 5 colors taken from their corporate identity.

This mural De Meervaart was definitely good times with help of intern Tom & friend Ben Plummer.

The following people are portaited:

Jennifer Muntslag en Marco Gerris.

Mural 2:
Unknown (3x), Lone Van Roosendaal, Rayen Panday, Abdelkarim El Baz, Jurskee, en unknown of Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest.

Mural 3:
Mohamed Chaara, unknown, George & Eran en Leandro Ceder.

Mural 4:
Unknown of ICK Dans Amsterdam, Carl Refos of ISH Dance Collective, Hayzee, Unknown (3x), Kyra Bououargane en Alex Klaasen.

Mural 5:
Saman Amini, unknown of Jakop Ahlbom Company, Raoel Hulst, Nelson Mandela, Rignaldiñho, MC Melodee, unknown, Mohammed Azaay, Jon van Eerd, unknown of ISH Dance Collective en Daniel Stosic.

The Poem is written by Luan Buleshka