Hennessy celebrated their 250th birthday. They wanted to give the guests of their party in Amsterdam a very exclusive gift, a sample bottle of the new Hennessy 250 blend. The assignment to design the label for these bottles. Their wish was that there would be interaction between the guest and somehow the design.

I decided to design one big artwork that was screen printed and cut up into 250 pieces. This way Hennessy could give away 250 unique bottles. Each piece was hand numbered so you could exactly see which bottle out of the 250 you got. The bottles came in a goodie bag that I screen printed live at the event. Because making Hennessy cognac is a craft it fitted perfect with the craft of screen printing. This was where the interaction moment came in. People really enjoyed seeing their goodie bags being printed in front of their eyes. For more understanding I gave a presentation about the concept and the design. I love how people pay more attention to design, once they understand the story behind it!

The story behind the design is that it’s a diamond seen from above. On each facet of the diamond shines a different image out of the history of the last 250 years of Hennessy. There images are typographic parts of different labels and advertisements, but also models, singers and actors who participated in the brands ads are shown. Richard Hennessy is also hidden in there off course. Around the diamond I placed 25 small diamond, for every 10 years 1.

Another project I’m proud to have been a part of!