The Barber Parlour

Being a graphic artisian, it’s always great when a traditional barbershop asks you to design their logo. It allows you to go crazy on handlettering because this style fits the barberworld. I was really excited to design a super traditional complex handlettering piece. But the more research I did for this project, the more it put me off. There are hundreds of barbershops out there and they all have similar handlettering logo's. 

Even though I appreciate each individual handlettered barbershop logo, to the average Joe these logo's probably all look the same. For me as a designer it’s very important to serve my client with not only something beautiful, but also create a unique logo that is very recognisable. That way my client has a beautiful shopwindow AND the average Joe remembers and recognises the logo. They even associate pleasure with the logo, if their barber experience was good!

So for this project I wanted to create an extraordinary layout. I thought a strange face would be cool, funny and definetely recogdnizable! But when you want something strange, funny and extraordinary the biggest challenge is to convince your client to go this route. Most of the times they want something simular to what’s allready out there, or a safe and ordinary logo. They think that's cool and professional, but funny isn't. I think the opposite and dare my clients to be different.

I wonna thank The Barber Parlour for trusting me and going this daring funny route. Loving the name and logo and it was great painting his windows and inside wall of his characteristic shop.