Hilfiger Denim - Mens

See below a selection of fashion designs that I designed for Hilfiger Denim, the denim brand of Tommy Hilfiger. The instruction was to create new, powerful, original and innovative t-shirt graphics. Because Hilfiger Denim didn't apply their logo in their graphics, I had to be creative with typography over and over again. It was a challenge to monitor the identity and appearance of Hilfiger Denim. After 14 seasons and designing hundreds of different T-shirt artworks, I can say with pride that this mission is succeeded. Besides T-shirt graphics, I designed all-over prints, trims (such as buttons, zippers, etc.), patches and accessories. For every design I always had to take into account various production implementations of printing techniques (such as water-based screen printing, cracked prints, plasticol prints, puff prints, discharge printing, reverse printing, digital prints) and application techniques (such as twill, canvas, cheesecloth and embroideries).