Curly Letter of Amsterdam

Do you want The Curly Letter of Amsterdam hand painted? Shon Price designs your name or logo in The Curly Letter of Amsterdam and paints this by hand on your window or store front. It's also possible to get a digital design of your logo in The Curly Letter of Amsterdam. The paint job is being done on the outside of the window, just like the original curly letter, and is weather and wash proof. It's also possible to paint 'De Amsterdamse Krulletter' on the inside of the window. Contact me if you're interested and receive a price quotation for a visual tanslation of your idea in to the famous Curly Letter of Amsterdam.

The Curly Letter of Amsterdam is known through the window signage on bars in Amsterdam. Especially in the Jordaan area is the letter seen a lot. This letter is designed in the 40's by Dutch sign painter Wim Visser. In the 60's sign painter Leo Beukeboom continued painting this letter. On request he imitated Wim's original letter design and kept painting this style till 2003.

When designing The Curly Letter of Amsterdam, I think it's important that there is a balance in the design. So not just a random combination of curly letters next to each other. That's why I draw each design by hand. I search for an exciting dynamic between the curly letters by carefully selecting different tails, loops, swashes and ligatures of the original designs.