Stewart & Sally

Stewart & Sally serves freshly prepped to-go-meals. The meals consist of healthy, but especially tasteful stews (Stewart) and salads (Sally). I got the assignment to visualise this mindset into a logo and identity. Their wish was that it shouldn’t feel to serious, but rather a bit funny/playful.

The typography shows the characteristics of Stewart & Sally. So the heavy stews in contrast with the fresh dynamic salads. The two characters within the logo are a direct representation of this. Their faces are shapes of a stew and a head of lettuce.

Business Card and Menu:
A bold non-serif font accentuated with red and green shapes. Supplemented with illustration of the Stewart & Sally characters.

Because Stewart & Sally sells from out a refurbished sea container, I thought it would be a surplus value to paint the entire container by hand. The feeling of something hand-painted fits perfect with the freshly hand-prepared meals and gives the container a positive vibe. The container became a real eye-catcher and people love to hang out there to order a Stewart or Sally.

Continuation of the identity. Extra illustrations of the Stewart & Sally characters. The goal of the website was to communicate in a quick and ordely way. This rsulted into 3 ways:
- Photo's in combination with handlettering
- Quotes in green banner
- Text 

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