Project Support The Locals

‘Support The Locals is a typographic visualisation of experiences made while living by this motto’. It stands for corporate social responsibility and being committed in making the world a better place. I think that multinational companies have taken over the consumer market with their 'soulless' mass production, while local entrepreneurs give us love and quality. 

I can recommend everyone to chat with the local grocer, pay the bill the week because you have forgotten your wallet, or help wife helps wearing a few boxes into the shop.

During my conversations with ‘the locals’ I heard often such funny, interesting or shocking stories, that it inspired me to create free work. This has resulted in these typographic styles of work named: Support The Locals. For every work I have picked a quote from the respective local. I’ve picked a quote and painted it out of context on Oak wood. Each work is painted completely in the style of the local. That’s why the quotes getting a different meaning that is often not exactly understand. If people have to read the quote a few more times and that will make them start thinking about it, my goal reached!

With the project Support The Locals, I would like to encourage the appreciation of craftsmanship and encourage people to buy products from local entrepreneurs. I hope people become more aware of their behavior to create a better society. 

In addition to work I also designed a Support The Locals t-shirt. The works and the t-shirt are for sale and for rent. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.