Kultivate - Jungle Juice

In 2018 Kultivate teamed up with me to create 50 unique T-Shirts.

For this collaboration they asked me to design a graphic in my own style with a 'feel good' feeling to it. Because Kultivate uses a lot of fruit in their graphics I also wanted to do something with fruit. The shape and look of pineapples are really cool to me, so I choose to go for that. I really love typography and wanted that to be in the design as well. I took vintage lemonade packaging as inspiration for this tee in combination with Biggie Smalls song: Juicy. The result is this Jungle Juice graphic. The name Jungle Juice comes from a captain of a boat tour I took in Mauritius on Holiday 2 years ago. He kept offering us his favorite drink: Jungle Juice. It was basically just Rum with any fruit juice in it. We had so much fun and everybody on the boat kept yelling the whole day: Jungle Juuuuuice!
My main goal for the design was, that I wanted it to be one big colorful explosion on the tee. I never see yellow prints, so that would be cool and original. Just a big yellow splash on a white tee, but if you look closer you see all the details of the print.

In the Kultivate store in Amsterdam I screen printed posters and Tshirts live in front of the customers. We created 3 kinds of tees:
- Small Pineapple on the front chest
- Small Pineapple on the front chest + Jungle Juice on the back
- Jungle Juice on the front

Had lots of fun designing and printing these Tshirts and will definitely collaborate with Kultivate again.