Levi's - All Over Prints

Levis Vintage Clothing (LVC) is a line of Levis that reproduces it’s own herritage. Their archive in San Francisco contains a collection of Levi’s American Work Wear from the last 140 years.
The assignment was to reproduce original All Over Prints (AOP). For inspiration I was provided with unique items of Levis from this archive, some even dated from 1873. The original AOPs were designed in a time when everything was still mostly crafted by hand. While analysing a authentic design I often felt I was in the head of the original designer. It was every time a challenge to figure out how the print was designed and what techniques I could use to get a result that would look like the original AOP as close as possible. Therefore, this was one of my most difficult, but bat the same time instructive and fun tasks I could do for LVC.
Most prints I painted with acrylic paint or drawn with pen or pencil before I transformed them into a digital AOP. See below the various end results, before and after pictures in the LVC lookbook and some making of shots.