Uncommissioned Work - Glass Factory Groningen

This is one of my earliest mural paintings I still like. I painted this in 2007 in an abandoned glass factory in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Playing basketball since I was 8 years old, it had a huge influence on me. This mural is a tribute to my love for basketball, that's why I painted a collage of Michael Jordan, Mars Blackmon (character of the Spike Lee movie: 'She's Gotta Have It', and later appeared in a lot of Air Jordan sneaker commercials that were crazy cool), Hot Sauce (famous streetball player) and the bottom of the Jordan 1 sneaker sole.

I made it right before I graduated. I knew I wanted to do things big after I got my diploma and this mural was my first step. I named it 'The Sky's The Limit', inspired by one of my favorite songs of Notorious BIG. I choose this name as a motivating to myself that I could do anything I want. I never painted anything this big before, so at that time it was a real challenge. When finally done it showed me you really can do anything you want!